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The Social Justice Table is a network of organizations dedicated to building collective power in order to create equity in Miami-Dade County, with an emphasis on low-income and working minority communities. We are made up of a broad range of multi-sector organizations whose areas of work and constituencies represent the many issues impacting our community, as well as the many initiatives to address such issues and increase our collective capacity.

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We envision a Miami-Dade County in which all residents are given a fair opportunity to live and prosper without fear of discrimination, persecution, or disenfranchisement of any kind, and where everyone has a say in the decisions that affect them.


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Core Principles:

The SJT’s core principles rest on the assumption that increasing the democratic process of institutions will improve citizens’ quality of life. These improvements may be in the form of the protection of civil liberties, the establishment of social welfare protections, increased public security, and a more just and equitable community. We believe these principles—Voice, Vote, Social Justice and Oversight—should be at the core of all participatory, collective organizing.