Accion is a nonprofit microlender that provides small business loans to entrepreneurs with limited access to bank financing. We seek to create economic opportunity and construct a financially inclusive America. In this manner, Accion helps business owners build and grow healthy enterprises and contribute to thriving local economies. Since 1991, Accion has lent over $500 million to more than 59,000 businesses and provided more than 520,000 entrepreneurs with advising services throughout the United States. In Florida, the organization has offices in Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville.

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Community Justice Project

Lawyers for grassroots movements for racial justice and human rights in South Florida and beyond. We serve grassroots groups organizing around crises in Black & Brown communities in South Florida by winning legal and policy victories that give relief from immediate crises and create opportunities to organize; crafting arts & design based interventions that give deeper understanding of, attention from, and access to halls of power; and shifting the dynamics of power by lifting up the leadership of Black & Brown leaders over the long haul.

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Engage Miami

Engage Miami is a group of young leaders who were no longer satisfied with sitting on the political sidelines. We are home-grown and led by awesome young people from across Miami-Dade- activists, teachers, college students, young professionals, comedians, and organizers. We are a new generation of awesome civic leaders, with swagger to spare. Our mission is to build a more just, democratic, and sustainable Miami by developing a culture of civic participation that is bold, creative, impactful, and local. We are shattering the myth that millennials are apathetic by reimagining civic access and information for the 21st Century in Miami. We believe in “Speaking Youth To Power” by helping fellow young people register to vote & learn everything they need to know to cast a ballot. We develop new civic leaders. We win social justice policy change. And we build power for our generation- the largest, most diverse, and most progressive- in the street and at the ballot box.

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FL LAN​ (Latina Advocacy Network)

Somos la Red de Abogacia de Latinas de Florida (FL LAN) por sus siglas en inglés) Opera como una extensión del NLIRH (National Latina Institute For Reproductive Health) Y sirve como la voz y la presencia de abogacia en Florida. FL LAN trabaja con activistas en todo El Condado de Miami Dade para organizar a nuestras comunidades a través de campañas especificas Que impactan a nuestras familias y a nuertras vidas.

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We are a nonprofit on a mission to build support for a 100% clean energy economy and sustainable attitudes, behaviors & lifestyles within Latino communities. With the support of Latino icons, local organizations, media partnerships, and friends, we are bringing clean energy to the forefront of Latino conversations and co-creating a climate narrative that catalyzes actions across all levels of society.

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SMASH is a non-profit developer of affordable housing for residents of inner-city Miami affected by slum and gentrification. Using the Community Land Trust Model (CLT) and alternative pre-fab modular construction systems, we can create expedited housing to remedy the severe emergency that slum conditions have created for Miami’s most vulnerable residents, while ensuring that any development is created by and for the people of that community.

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The Office of Civic and Community Engagement

The Office of Civic and Community Engagement (CCE) fosters university-community collaboration by engaging the university’s academic resources in the enrichment of civic and community life in our local, national, and global communities. Our goals include developing new courses in which community-based partnerships are central to course learning outcomes; enhancing existing courses by integrating community engagement into the course curriculum; and creating new initiatives that bring multiple schools and disciplines together to work on shared community-based projects that promote positive social change. These courses and projects allow students to put theory into practice and understand the complexities of practical problem solving in real-world situations, thereby preparing them to be effective civic leaders.

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PARCEO is a Participatory Action Research Center that provides trainings, research, curriculum development, and resources in partnership with community-based groups and the institutions and individuals that work with them towards social justice. Participatory Action Research (PAR) and popular education value the experience, knowledge, and leadership of those most impacted by injustice as we collectively work--through our organizing and community research---to make change and build community power.

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